A worldwide virtual platform dedicated to collections of objects

Vos-collections.com is a worldwide virtual platform dedicated to collections of objects:

  • Clock and timepieces, jewellery
  • Rare books, manuscripts, cartoon strips
  • Furniture, artefacts
  • Militaria, hunting paraphernalia
  • Coins, documents, stamps
  • Wine, alcohol
  • Advertising items
  • Cabinets of curiosities
  • Toys
  • Automobiles
  • Other categories

The collection will be assigned to the appropriate section and accompanied by texts written by experts from the relevant field.

Vos-collections.com is an exhibition platform for aesthetic pleasure, it is not an online retailer.

Vos-collections.com displays, showcases and raises international awareness of collections in an anonymous and secure way.

Members are free to communicate with each other on the platform.

Vos-collections.com does not get involved in setting the prices of objects nor in any eventual transactions.

Vos-collections.com is one of the major sites for:

  • displaying things for the pleasure of sharing them
  • showcasing and boosting the renown of collections
  • gaining visibility with a view to an eventual sale
  • getting in touch directly with collectors and professional or amateur sellers looking for objects
  • enabling official auctioneers to find a supply of potential clients
  • promoting professionals' expertise
  • highlighting targeted events

Vos-collections.com appears in 7 languages (French, English, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Catalan and Flemish) and is aimed at targeted communities of collectors, investors, experts, private museums and anyone who loves beautiful objects.

Members, irrespective of nationality, bear responsibility under the laws of the Republic of France for whatever they publish.


For safety and confidentiality reasons members are free to remain anonymous and communicate using a pseudonym of their choosing.

You anonymity is guaranteed: French tax law entitles you to make entries with giving your name or address.


How to use vos-collections.com - How to post your visual content online

The vos-collections.com website enables you to enter content such as texts, photos and videos into all of the available services:

  • collection displays
  • searches for objects
  • directory of experts and their publications
  • private museums

This allows you to show visitors from a variety of countries visual content (photos, texts, videos) that you have produced yourself.

Registration on the site is free and members can browse and communicate with each other in complete anonymity.

This ensures that your collection is fully secure.

Collections are promoted in 7 languages: French, English, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Catalan and Flemish.

You can upload an unlimited number of texts and photos on our application.

For videos:

  1. you create the video yourself using a camera or smartphone
  2. you post the video on a sharing website such as YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, etc.
  3. you type or paste the link to your video in the designated box, guided by our interface, so that your video completes the presentation along with your photos and texts in the area dedicated to your collection, private museum or expertise.

Ensuring complete security for your collections is a cornerstone of our service.


If you wish to remain anonymous, your choice will be fully respected. French tax law permits you to make an entry without providing a name or address. Only your country of residence will be mentioned.

Members, irrespective of nationality, bear responsibility under the laws of the Republic of France for whatever they publish.



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